What we do for investors:


Portfolio Partnership

Timmaron Group has worked with early stage, VC and PE firms, globally, for over two decades, creating partnerships that give insight to senior leadership teams, potential investments, market rollups, research, and services that add value to an investors current portfolio.

We start by understanding your fund approach and goals, your current portfolio, and your desire for expansion. As experienced operators, we bring creative and innovative opportunities from our view of 100 early stage organizations per quarter.


Market Assessments and Rollups

Timmaron Group has designed a playbook that allows us to assess and scope companies, markets and opportunities. We can provide market assessments and rollup opportunities for you by region, by industry, by technology type, with the ability to do competitive landscape analysis, and recommendations for buy and sell opportunities.


Portfolio Programs

Timmaron Group brings knowledge and operational processes to your portfolio for best in class growth and efficiencies. We have experience designing and implementing playbooks by function, industry and region. We can work with you and your portfolio companies to operationalize best practices and get their businesses humming.


Transformations and Exits

Timmaron Group works with our investment clients by collaborating with you over the long term, building trust and knowledge of your firm and investments, and keeping an eye in the market for strategic opportunities to partner and/or sell portfolio accounts in unique and innovative ways. We view opportunities through the lens of the operator, and bring a valuable and different perspective.

What can we do for you?