Introducing VirtuWerk™

Technologies and services to help companies
plan, prepare and implement a resilient and engaged workplace

On March 16, 2020, Timmaron Group launched of a new line of business called VirtuWerk™. We kicked off this initiative through a series of briefings designed specifically to address the issues that work teams, managers, and individuals were facing as they suddenly moved to a more dispersed and more physically distanced workplace.

We have expanded VirtuWerk™ to include specific solutions and action plans that combine Timmaron’s expertise in wellness, applied technologies, innovation and growth strategies to help your organization adapt to the “New Norm”.

Shifting from Fear to Learning


VirtuWerk™ Action Plan

Return To Workplace plans that focus on the wellness of your employees.

VirtuWerk™ Briefings and Resources

A series of briefings and resources focused on learning how to adapt and thrive in the “new norm”.

VirtuWerk™ Solutions

Best in class tools combined with Timmaron Group’s expertise in applied technologies to create a resilient and engaged workplace.

Return to Workplace plans that employees trust will safely put them back to work.

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