VirtuWerk™ Action Plan

Gain the Trust and Confidence of your People

Implement a phased ‘return to workplace’ plan
that your employees trust

AFIAS-6 Analysers
Covid-19 Antigen Test Kits*
Covid-19 Antibody Test Kits*
Certified health professionals
Secure, HIPAA-compliant networking
Secure: HIPAA-compliant database
Registration and scheduling application
Biometric Identity Assurance (GDPR-compliant)
Unlimited use of biometric identity for access control
On-site installation & quality assurance
Support hotline
Rapid Replacement Service
*Test kits include all test vessels and accessories to obtain blood, nasal, and saliva samples and complete testing

How far along is your organization’s ‘return to workplace’ plan?

Establishing the New Norm

We are practitioners with broad subject matter expertise, to interim executives and technology experts. Our team across industries, technologies and businesses are here to make you and your team successful .

We can’t wait to get started.

Return to Workplace plans that focus on the wellness of your employees

We work with you to get your essential workers back to the workplace and assure all employees that their safety and wellness is your highest priority.

  • Access to technology infrastructure that adapts to changing requirements
  • Health and safety practices that comply with state, CDC and OSHA guidelines
  • New tools and skill sets that support learning, wellness and inclusion
  • Special considerations available to all employees returning to your workplace
  • Protocols and guidelines for in person meetings
  • Phasing options

Return to Workplace plans that employees trust will safely put them back to work.

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