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Transitioning to a Better Way to Work

Briefings and resources focused on learning how to adapt
and thrive in the “new norm”

The VirtuWerk™ Business Briefing Series sessions are delivered first as a live webinar, including both a presentation and an interactive question-and-answer portion. Each session is recorded and then made available online in an on-demand fashion.

VirtuWerk™ Resources

Below are resources to help your organization develop your 'new norm' and implement new work models that enable your team to work wherever and however they feel most productive and safe.


HR Insights and Next Practices

Guidelines for anticipating, adapting and acting in a constantly changing business environment. i4cp is the leading authority on next practices in human capital.

Empathy by Zoom

Advice for managers and colleagues struggling with how to best express “virtual empathy”. Korn Ferry is a global organizational consulting firm that helps their clients select, hire and motivate their people.

How to Dress for Video Calls

The Ladders spoke with three experts to find the answers for how to dress when working remotely.

COVID-19 Preparedness Plan

Template and instructions from Minnesota Department of Labor for establishing your COVID-19 Preparedness Plan.

CDC - Return to Work Safely Best Practices

OSHA – COVID 19 Safety Guidelines

Minnesota Department of Labor – COVID 19 Resources

Latest guidelines to care for yourself and help protect others in your business, home and community.

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March 18, 10-11am Central (recording)

Topic: “Remote Technology Basics – Voice, Data, and Video” – best practices for using today’s top market technologies to communicate via voice, share information and files easily, and view each other on-screen; all the things that help employees accomplish their day-to-day work in a remote office environment.

April 16, 10-11am Central (recording)

Topic: “The Future of Work: Staying Productive, Being Connected" — an interactive session about some of the challenges working remotely, from a technology, team, and social aspect, and a discussion of best practices among our community to share with each other.

May 21, 2-3pm Central (recording)

Topic: “The Future of Work: Early successes in creating a resilient and engaged virtual workplace" — an interactive session about how to redefine what work needs to be done and where it can be done. We will share how some of us are integrating back into the office and how some of us are not - problems faced, problems solved, and lessons learned.

June 18, 10-11am Central (recording)

Topic: “Financial Wellbeing in the New Norm” an interactive session to guide you in determining what makes you money and what actions cost you money in defining the new norm for your life and business.

July 16, 2-3pm Central

Topic: “Fear, Learning and Growth during the Pandemic” a pre-recorded Digital Workplace Deep Dive session hosted by Weston Morris. This episode looks at the importance of getting past fear to learn and grow from our collective experiences in dealing with all of the phases of this pandemic

August 20, 10-11am Central
September 17, 2-3pm Central
October 16, 10-11am Central
November 19, 2-3pm Central
December 17, 10-11am Central

Additional topics going forward will include those requested by our community and will be listed on this page as they are finalized, with at least a two-week lead time.

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