What we do for established companies:



Whether you are driving growth organically or inorganically, determining how to drive innovation or considering a critical pivot inside your current strategy to meet market conditions, we work with your team, your clients and partners to assess your current goals and strategies, your offerings and the competitive landscape. We collaborate with you to determine additional ways to be more effective in achieving your goals, efficient in your work, and deliver stronger results. 


We can help you assess your portfolio, build a plan for what will be needed in the future, and create an execution plan for your team, including standard operating processes, RACI for team roles, and key performance indicators that align with goals, employee roles and compensation. Timmaron Group can also deliver functional and team dashboards to ensure smooth implementation and operations.

Is your strategic plan delivering the results you need? Do you have the right human capital to drive the successful execution of your plan? Is your market changing? Do you need to reassess or possibly pivot? Do you need to assess the potential for M&A?

Are you on the digital forefront or lagging? Digital today is less of a thing and more about how to accomplish things from creating business value, engaging customers and employees or building crucial underlying capabilities. 

We work with clients on business, category, go–to-market and organizational strategies.



We bring a thoughtful sense of urgency to go-to-market challenges based on decades of experience in creating and leading growth in multibillion dollar global organizations.

We start by understanding your overall business objectives and strategy. Are you a company that goes to market as a portfolio or do you provide multiple point offerings? Being able to convert corporate strategic plans into operational, annual P&L activities with successful execution through to go-to-markets is a challenge. Success comes through years of experience. 


Timmaron Group works with our clients to build and refresh go-to-market execution plans, identify the channels of distribution, pricing, sales support and the closed loop marketing process. Building in ongoing client feedback in to the planning process helps the whole organization be more nimble to address changes, such as regional differences, new portfolio additions, or competitive moves.


Supply Chain Optimization

Manufacturers and producers of anything are always looking for ways to reduce the cost of inventory and increase responsiveness. We understand that it is all about the data and leverage your existing data assets to bring new insights and impact. Timmaron Group brings best practices, technology awareness and accreditation in six sigma, six sigma lean and SCM processes to help your business. We can address specific issues or optimize an entire value chain to build a network that is flexible, innovative, responsive and resilient.


Applied Technology

We work with companies of all sizes on their most challenging technology issues and choices. Applications are at the epicenter for delivering business capabilities. We assist teams globally with portfolio rationalization, project value assessments, demand management, performance management and capability building.


We work across the IT and business leadership to drive the best outcome for your organization. We are technology agnostic. We recognize that often success is dependent on the people and processes around the technology versus the technology itself. We bring a balanced pragmatic view across all three to ensure business results.

Timmaron Group has substantial expertise across technology categories including IOT (Internet of Things), Software as a service and big data and analytics.



The need to transform can happen at any time to any business. Transformation can be required to keep ahead of changing markets and customer demands or changes in the competitive landscape. But transformation is hard.

At Timmaron Group, we have personally led key transformations of business turnarounds, large mergers and strategic repositioning. We have the track record to help your organization: outline strategic options, make choices, and put together the right implementation, change management, technology and communication plans to get it done.

Executive Coaching & Mentoring

Timmaron Group has direct operational leadership experience across several C-suite roles. We often work with executives individually or as a team on how to lead change, prioritize, delegate better, develop their team’s capabilities, communicate and build credibility with peers, customers and partners and become better overall leaders and coaches.

What can we do for you?